paleo journey.

We are almost two months into our Paleo lifestyle journey and it has been such an easy transition for us. When I first describe to people how we eat (no dairy and no grains) all I hear is, “Isn’t that so hard?” “No milk? How do you do it?” “What do you have for lunch?” I don’t think they truly believe my answer when all I can say is, “No. It hasn’t been that hard and we feel great.”  After living this way, eating dinners out, being away with friends for the weekend and sticking to this lifestyle we’ve found our go to foods and ways to make it work. Plus, the fact that we both feel great – have such better energy and hubby has even lost close to 20 pounds without even working out we are believers in this lifestyle.

Paleo Food Chart!

I wish I could explain the science better but since I can’t I am going to link to my favorite blogs that have helped in this transition and have such great recipes and information to share. — I had the oppoturnity to listen to Sarah speak in Redding and started my 30 day challenge  the next Monday. She made it make sense and made it an easy transition for my family. Her story is amazing and this lifestyle has changed her life. She is raising 3 boys and her recipes are all easy and very family friendly. – This is an AMAZING site and I cannot wait for her Practical Paleo book to come out in August. Tons of information, printables (they are all hanging in my cubbords) and great information as to WHY our bodies need to eat this way. I really, really want to attend one of her seminars when she comes to the West Coast. – Another great site with lots of great information, recipes and lots of natural-living ideas.

The girls aren’t totally Paleo yet but all their meals are – it’s the snacks that I haven’t fully made the switch yet. We just haven’t been able to give up the Pirate’s Booty and cracker snacks yet. Each time I buy a bag I say, “Once these are gone, I won’t buy any more.” but just haven’t been able to follow through on it yet. I love that for breakfast this morning they had scrambled eggs and sausage, avocado, strawberries and walnuts. What great food to fuel their growing bodies and brains rather than sugar covered sugar cereal and it makes me feel good knowing they are getting such healthy food at home.

I hope to share some great Paleo recipes I’ve made and show what a day of Paleo looks like to show how easy (and yummy!) it is.


4 thoughts on “paleo journey.

    • We are! We’ve been having a little bit of a harder time with it recently but know we feel so much better emotionally and physically when we follow it. Thanks for the comment!

  1. This is a great post 🙂 I remember you asking those same questions not long ago. Isn’t it amazing! Before you know it you’ll be 5+ years paleo strong and barely remember these days! Keep it up!

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