pickin’ apricots.

I love where we live and at times I hate where we live. I love that we don’t have neighbors peering in our windows and can keep our curtains open to see the beautiful huge trees in our backyard and see our new baby walnut trees growing in the front yard. I love that there are deer, squirrels, birds, owls, and even peacocks (not the biggest fan of the peacocks though) where we live and for the girls to see. I love that they don’t mind getting dirty and that a normal evening routine is packing up on the Ranger with Dad (complete with carseats) to check the cows and check the orchard while I start dinner. I love taking the girls to throw rocks in the creek or fishing dates with my hubby.  I hate that we are a good 45 minutes away from good shopping; Target, Trader Joes, & Costco being my favorites. I hate the dirt that accumulates EVERYWHERE because of living in the country. I hate that my hubby has to commute a good 45 minutes one way to get to work every day but I love that on the weekends he can be happy working with his hands in the orchard or outside where he’s happy.

Today was a day I love living where we live and raising our country loving girls. Today we went to my in-laws fruit orchard and picked apricots. What a gift to be able to raise our girls where they can see and appreciate how fruit is grown and enjoy a fresh picked apricot right off the tree; there’s nothing quite like it.





We picked 4 baskets and the trees are loaded with more so I hope to go back and get even more next week as they continue to ripen.  I started hunting on Pinterest for some apricot recipes and specifically Paleo friendly apricot recipes. I sort of want to try my hand at canning since there is an abundance of fruit and it’d be sad to see it go to waste, but have no experience in that department.

Here’s a few that I found that look delicious:

Canning Apricots

Apricot Jalapeno Jelly

Apricot/Strawberry Yogurt Pops – I might leave out the yogurt to make these a Paleo version or use Coconut Milk…Yum! Might be onto something with that idea. 🙂

Paleo Apricot Cobbler – This will definitely be happening. Yum.

Paleo Toasted Coconut Apricot Bites  – Looks amazing!

Paleo Jam (she made blackberry but I think I could adapt it for apricots).


4 thoughts on “pickin’ apricots.

  1. Believe it or not, I used to can and make jam, too! I’d love to help you out one day with whatever you choose! I actually had a favorite friend in Corning that I would visit occasionally and she taught me how to make dill pickles from the cucumbers in her garden one time!

    • Reading about you and the girls is a thrill for me! Your life right now is so similar to when I lived there and my kids were S and N’s ages! I loved being home with them and I loved the ranch! I also went down to Ruth’s to can tomatoes with her. The only thing I didn’t care for or bring home were the canned beets and greens, but Scott loved the sandwiches she made with mayo and beets on white bread! Let me know when you’re planning on pickin’ and cannin’ some more, I’ll come help out!

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