4th of july crafts.

I love Pinterest as somebody who’s not naturally crafty. I would never have thought about coming up with these adorable rickrack ribbon flag shirts without the beauty that is Pinterest. But thanks to finding the idea here I was able to recreate it my own way and create matching shirts for the girls to wear that were easy on the wallet and absolutely adorable.  I love these. I love how simple they are and love that all I used was a few dabs of hot glue for the ribbon. Oh, and did I mention that the adorable blue/white stripped bow is actually a hair clip that I found at Walmart for $1.00 and it is just clipped onto the ribbon? So, when we are done with these shirts I can take the adorable bow off and add it to our stash of hair clips. Score!

Easy, peasy: Strips of red rick rack for the stripes and an adorable bow make the cutest flag on plain white t-shirts for both N. & S. Can’t wait to see them matching in these for fireworks.

Also, thanks to Pinterest we made these adorable wind chimes with two recycled tin cans (yeah for reusing!). A few coats of blue spray paint, white vinyl stars cut from my Cricut, hot glue and different patriotic colored ribbon from my stash completed these. I did not have enough white vinyl to cut stars for both but still love how they came out and will finish them so they are ready for next July 4th sometime. Inspiration for these came here.

And last but not least we made these fun little yarn pom-poms that look like the cutest little fireworks. I found the directions to make these here. These were super easy and a fun after-dinner-before-bedtime project to do with the girls.

Any crafts that you love to do to celebrate the 4th of July?

Cheers to a happy and safe 4th of July!


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