watermelon granita.

When I was looking through Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook I saw her recipe for Watermelon Granita and knew I had to try it – it only had 3 ingredients: watermelon, lime juice and sugar so I knew I could make a Paleo version very easily and I did.

What a beautifully simple, fresh dessert on a hot summer night. This was perfect timing for me because I had a lot of left over watermelon from the 4th and this was a great way to use it. In her cookbook she also suggests trying honeydew or cantaloupe which would both be equally delicious I’m sure – or even adding cold wine or vodka over the top — an adult slushie — yum!!

Watermelon Granita:

Recipe adapted from Pioneer Woman

  • 8 cups of diced watermelon
  • 2 limes, juiced
  • Honey (optional) I didn’t add any but you could add honey if you wanted to make it a little sweeter.

1. Dice 8 cups of watermelon (about 1/2 of a large melon).

2. Juice 2 limes and add juice to blender or food processor.

3. Fill blender/food processor as full as you can with diced watermelon and puree.

4. Pour pureed melon into 13 x 9 baking dish and puree remainder.

5. Add to dish and stir to combine.

6. Cover with plastic wrap and place in freezer and let sit 2-3 hours before scraping with a fork.

7. Remove pan from freezer and gently scrape the top layer with a spoon or fork. Once you reach the less frozen middle, cover the pan again and return to the freezer for another couple hours.

8. Freeze and scrape until the entire pan has been frozen and scraped.

9. Yum!!

This was seriously delicious. Light, refreshing and totally guilt free! This will be happening again before summer’s over for sure!


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