just a thursday morning at home.

Most mornings we are up around 7 and within an hour have had breakfast, done a quick pickup of the house, and then head off to the gym. Some days I feel like a bad Mommy for rushing them out the door just so I can make a spinning class by 8:30 but for the most part they love going and playing at the gym as much as I do.  After the gym a few errands or a playdate with friends, and we are back home in perfect time for lunch and naps. I love our mornings and some days it’s the only way I can survive to nap time.

But, I also just love long mornings at home with no schedule, no plans, and pj’s as long as we want. Is every full day at home like this? Heck no. But I love when everything just falls in and we are all happy at home. Here’s about 8am -1 p.m. in our house today:

Pulled weeds and picked tomatoes and zucchini from the garden:

Walk to the end of the driveway to bring the garbage can back to our house (garbage day was Tuesday….yes, we are those neighbors that leave our can out) and found a very cool feather that N. added to her treasure jar when we got back inside.

Girls played while I put together Chalk Paint. (Found it here.) Then headed outside with swimsuits on and painted up a storm!

Homemade strawberry popsicles as a snack before lunch! Is Mom crazy? Little do they know it’s just frozen mashed strawberries…

Little swimming and hose time before heading in for lunch.

Making peach crisp with fresh local peaches: one for Mommy to take for her college girls weekend (yeah!) and one small one for us to eat after naps. (And no, I didn’t stick to Paleo on this – but I did leave out the white sugar and replaced it with honey and used almond meal instead of white flour – hey, I was trying.)

And finally cartoons, books, cuddles and off for naps. (Extra points if you can guess the movie…)

I love days like this.

**Not pictured:  Two timeouts, a crying meltdown when S. couldn’t bring her blankie outside,  a massive mess in our living room of duplo blocks and wooden blocks, and a blow out poopy diaper. **


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