ranger ride, playing in the pond, & bath-time.

After dinner last night we loaded up the girls in the Ranger to take them to a little pond and let them throw rocks and get a little more energy out before bedtime. Originally, the plan was to make it to the orchard to work with Hubby but  it got too late too fast and baths were a necessity so we headed in early and let him finish his work in peace and quiet.

Here’s a few pictures from our cooler than normal summer night.

Loaded up and ready to go!
Sitting right next to Hubby with Callie at our feet…love it!
From throwing rocks to playing in the water he’s like a big kid with them.
Since Callie played in the mud at the creek she got to “race” us back home.
A quick peek of our orchard.
Bath-time with light ropes and in the dark!

For just $1 you can find those little light ropes at the Dollar Store or even Michaels — if you haven’t done light ropes in the bath with your kids – try it!  N. & S. love it and have so much fun every time we do it. Last night they were even making their “whale faces” from swim lessons and putting their faces under water to grab them – yeah for getting some practice in too!


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