operation deer fence.

While some people might sleep in on Saturday mornings those days are rare in our house. For one reason it’s because my hubby gets up early while it’s cool enough to work outside and get caught up and for the other reason it’s because our kids hardly sleep past 7am. Today was no exception. I woke up and Luke was already gone and off getting ready for our deer fence that he was starting.  Girls and I packed up snacks, water, and sunscreen and headed down to meet my father in law who hooked the trailer to the Ranger for us and we met him at the orchard.

My job this morning was loading the massive fence posts (not your average fence posts these are 10 ft. tall!) in the trailer than driving ahead of him and laying them every 3 (there was a brief argument discussion about it being 3 or 4  posts but thankfully figured it out) fence posts. He was behind us with his truck and the rented pneumatic (air driven, in case you were curious) post pounder putting in the posts that we had laid out. After my job in the Ranger was done the girls and I moved to his pickup where we drove next to him to each post while he put it in.

I like seeing these! Grow, babies, grow!

As it got heavier and heavier (I still don’t know how he managed to lift that thing up so many times) we were grateful that my father in law came down to help for the last 20 posts. As they were putting the posts in I heard my father in law tell Luke, “You’ve got a calf down there in the Peck Place.” (that’s the name of the field our heifers are in).  Life of a farmer/rancher never ends as we now are entering calving season and our first calf was born. Geeze.

They finished up, both equally happy to be done I’m sure, and hubby headed into town to return the post pounder and take our Callie to the vet as we thought something was going on with her and couldn’t figure out what.  The girls and I on the Ranger (with the trailer mind you, it’s important for the story) headed home with promises of swimming, lunch, and ice cold water. We took the back way to avoid any closed gates through the property and I was feeling pretty good driving the Ranger with the trailer. There might have been an incident with the trailer and  two trees and a fence post on the way home that has now done slight damage to the fenders on either side. Ugh. I am not cut out for this country Ranger driving life sometimes. But this is why I love my husband: as he walked in the door (after finally returning from the vet where Callie will be staying a few days because she got into some poison somewhere and was very sick. 😦 ) and I burst into tears he calmly just said, ” Stuff happens. It’s ok. You don’t think I’ve ever wrecked anything?” I am still feeling very stupid, mad at myself, and terrified to tell my in-laws but his calm reaction made me feel a little better. It is just stuff and stuff can be fixed. Plus, I was trying and I’m thankful he gave me credit for that. **Update: as I was typing this I could hear Luke call his Dad and seriously could hear his Dad laugh and ask “How’d she get both sides?” So, while it’s still embarrassing at least it’s now a funny story. **

On a good note, the girls came home and enjoyed swimming in their kiddie pool and playing with frozen water balloons. Before I knotted the balloon I dropped in a small plastic toy (most were from our Polly Pocket collection) so when I cut the balloons off there was a toy frozen in the ice that they used spoons and the heat to get them out. Fun. They sat quite entertained by these for awhile and when the toy got out they added the ice to their pool.

Swimming for kiddos, iced coffee and Kindle for me (Beneath a Marble Sky if you’re interested).

So here’s to a quick recovery to our Callie, a quick recovery to that stupid trailer, and getting that deer fence finished to keep the deer out!


3 thoughts on “operation deer fence.

  1. I love following your blogs, and love hearing the details of your days! I’m proud of Luke and his calm reactions to your trials and tribulations! Not to worry, there were many tears from me many years ago, and I am so proud of you and the wife and mother you are! Keep up the great job! If my mom and dad were here, they’d be printing up every blog you write, and be making a book! They always encouraged me to write up my life, but I never did! I’m glad you are!

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