rite of passage.

Today was a big day to me. We had new bedroom furniture delivered and just like that we moved the last two hand-me-down-newly-married-leftover-from-college dressers that we had. As I looked around our house I saw the kitchen table that was our first married purchase together, then the couch and chair that replaced my Grandma’s old couches, then the t.v. stand and bookshelves that replaced the awful old t.v. stand, and so on. I know it’s all just stuff and stuff isn’t what matters,  but all this “stuff” has been the start of our life together and holds such memories.  There’s our table where we have all of our meals as a family, growing from a family of two to four. There’s our couches where we have cuddled and watched movies, napped with sleeping infants, and occasionally slept the night on. And there’s our t.v. stand that has been filled with books and pictures of our travels and family.  All of  this “stuff” holds memories for me, furniture or not.

Today was  big day to me; I sorta feel even more like a grown up (not quite, but sorta).


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