email to s.

I have email accounts for both girls that we use to send pictures, funny stories, quotes, or just a quick note to them. Someday we will share the emails with them and hopefully they will have a full email account with emails loaded with memories and stories as they grow. Today was no exception and I had to share what I just emailed to my dear S.

Dear S.,
Today I was thoroughly loving my morning yoga class at the gym. We were right into the flow of some harder poses when I saw the daycare employee step into the dark, quiet room. I think every Mom cringes when they see the employees step into a class; wondering who they are there for and hoping it’s not them because it means that their child has a diaper situation that needs to be addressed. We made eye contact and she nodded so I quietly made my way out of the yoga studio to grab my tennis shoes and make my way to the daycare where I leaned the gravity of the situation.
Apparently today you had a MASSIVE blow out poopy diaper, went down the slide followed by a few other kids and created a ginormous mess. Oh boy. I wasn’t quite sure what to do – apologize, help clean the slide, help clean other kids, or run out in embarrassment.
It was all over your legs, outside of your diaper, back of your dress and who knows where else. We went to the car to change your diaper and all I could do was laugh at the situation and laugh that of course I had no extra clothes to put you in. Quickly realizing that our gym time was coming to an end we headed inside so I could quietly sneak into yoga and reclaim my unused yoga mat and water. I mouthed thank you to my teacher who smiled and bowed her head and in turn mouthed “namaste.” Not entirely sure I was leaving in the state of peace and relaxation that I normally am but I had to smile and make the best of our morning. Since we were leaving the gym early this meant more time to run errands at Target and pick up a new dress for you to wear home. Always gotta look for that silver lining.

Namaste, S. 🙂

I love you (but am excited for the day you are potty trained).




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