being a cowgirl.

My adventures at learning to be a cowgirl continue and this weekend, sadly, wasn’t my best showing.

I had one job: Don’t let the cows back out of the field my husband was moving them into. We were to just sit by the gate in the Ranger and if a cow started to come through we were supposed to make sure they didn’t get all the way out. Seemed simply enough, right?

I’m embarrassed to say that thanks to my Instagram obsession, I failed.

In my attempt to post the following picture to my account a mama cow decided she wasn’t staying separated from her calf and slipped past our watchful eye.  I  noticed much too late, warned the girls to “hold on,” and took off trying my best to get that damn cow to go back where she was supposed to before hubby noticed.  Sadly, he noticed and like a knight on a white horse flew up on his four wheeler and expertly directed the heifer where she needed to go. I  then decided to hold off on my instagramming until we were all done and am happy to say that no other cows got by us.  In my defense, I was just trying to capture a picture of the crazy dust that was being stirred up by the four wheeler and cows running.  It looked like it should have been late summer by the amount of dust blowing around.  This drought situation is becoming much more real and scary as we are selling a large percentage of  our herd this week because we cannot afford to feed them hay through the summer.  There is rain in the forecast the next two days and although the percent is low we are hopeful that we will get some.





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