friday favorites.

Well here we are again at another Friday. I am very happy to report that our house is healthy (aside from a cough and runny nose — but isn’t that just part of having kids and the winter months?) and happy.  I thought I’d share some more of my favorites from this week; I think I might see a running trend on Fridays.

1.  These little adorable rock pets we painted earlier this week. My oldest has them in her windowsill by her bed and they are too cute.


2.  The Frozen soundtrack. Yep, I can admit it. I get just as excited as my daughters when “Let it Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” comes on our Disney Pandora station.  I think I’ve figured out a perfect Valentine’s gift for N & S (and maybe me too).

Disney Frozen • Let it Go

3.  Super excited about attending PBR  in Sacramento tomorrow.  I mean what’s not to love: cowboys, wranglers, drinks, and did I mention cowboys? And if this isn’t the perfect excuse to wear my new cowboy boots I don’t know what is. (Maybe this isn’t a “favorite” but I have high hopes for it being a favorite date night with the hubby.)


4.  Netflix.  We recently canceled our Dish subscription and now are relying on Hulu, Netflix, and a handful of local stations for shows and movies.  I forgot what it was like to watch a t.v. show live and without the luxury of pause, rewind, and record.  My husband laughed at me when I offered to rewind Revolution so he could catch up and I was genuinely surprised when I couldn’t.  Talk about first world problems! For now though, I am loving Netflix and loving watching entire seasons of shows from start to finish.  Orange is the New Black sucked me in first and had us both cracking up.  I have now moved on to Gossip Girl; might be a little embarrassed to admit this one but it is surprisingly good and perfect when you don’t want to have to pay attention like you do in 24, which is another amazing series. What are some of your favorite shows to watch on Netflix?

4.  Yoga.  I haven’t been to our local yoga class in about 5 years since my oldest was born.  It had been on my list of things to try again this year and I finally went last night.  I am so glad I did. It was such a nice, gentle, positive class and I absolutely love how I feel when I leave.  The quiet time at the end has always been one of my favorite parts of any yoga class; last night was no exception.  While we were laying there our instructor gave us things to think about or positive words to remind ourselves, “I am strong (inhale).  I am calm (exhale).” These words have stayed with me today and when I find myself needing a moment to not go crazy regroup I will remember them.

Breath through it and release anything that does not serve you.

5.  Superbowl commercials. These could be my favorite part of the “big game.”  Well, commercials and 7-layer-dip that is. Last years “So God Made a Farmer” commercial had me in tears and made me proud to be married to a farmer.  The preview of this years  Budweiser commercial is so sweet and make me excited to see more this year. I’ll share my favorites next week!

And just remember . . .” I am strong.  I am calm.”


and then the other shoe dropped.

I thought we were in the clear with my youngest.  I seriously was crazy enough to think somehow she had managed not to get the flu bug my oldest had on Tuesday (see this post to catch up).  I took her to preschool yesterday with her older sister because both were healthy, symptom free and their normal happy selves.  And she was her normal happy self until midnight last night.

And then we were proved wrong. (And now I’m sure I have less friends at preschool).

S. and I were up from about midnight to 5 a.m. last night. Ouch.  I finally had to put a movie on around 5:30 a.m. because she wasn’t going to sleep and I was desperate to get a few hours.

So today there’s been a lot of the same as last week: lots of movies, lots of cuddles, lots of Pedialyte (which thankfully is staying down now), lots of laundry, and LOTS of bleach.

And lots of Pinterest.  In all of my couch time this morning I actually organized my Pinterest Boards.


I went through each board and deleted pins I didn’t like anymore, pins that I had tried and had totally failed, or pins where my styles had changed or kids had outgrown.  And here’s the deal:  I felt lighter, I felt less pressure, and It just plain felt good to organize the boards, kinda along the same lines as cleaning out and organizing a drawer. (No, I don’t have any of these type A characteristics.)

In my Pinterest cleanse I learned a few things about myself:

1.  I have an unusual amount of pins involving Oreos, smores, and cupcakes.

2.  My “Sweets” board and “Fitness” board are extremely conflicting.

3.  I have an entire board dedicated to sewing and my sewing machine is still siting in the box because I don’t even know where to start with it.

4.  I have enough chore chart ideas, empowering girl book choices, and enough kids crafts to get me through the girls’ childhood.

5. I love chalkboards, free fonts, free printables, positive quotes, and most anything involving a mason jar, fabric flowers, scarves, or denim shirts.

6.  I have a whole paleo/gluten free board and haven’t been eating that way for over 6 months.  Although, in my defense most of our dinners follow a paleo guideline for the most part.

In my cleanse I found this home remedy for sore throats, coughs, and congestion; I had all the ingredients so I whipped it up since I have been fighting a sore throat since Thursday. It was warm, spicy, sweet, and the honey just coated your throat.  I will say my throat does feel better this afternoon and I will definitely use this again.  I like trying home remedies like this instead of ones loaded with things you don’t know and ingredients you can’t read.

After making that I found a jewelry cleaning recipe that I had to try with my wedding band and engagement ring and was surprised with positive results! My rings came out sparkly and shiny and it’s something that is very easy to do at home. From reading the reviews though – the foil is very important, don’t skip that step!

So now I have two napping girls, Netflix on the tv, all the curtains down and nothing else on the agenda this afternoon.

That is unless I decide to clean out my email account.

and then we got sick.

“Mommy my tummy hurts.” aren’t words you like to hear.  Usually the culprit is hunger, potty, or just pretend but Tuesday night my oldest wasn’t joking, wasn’t hungry, and didn’t need to go potty.  I don’t do well with throw up: it makes me gag and I hate cleaning it up.  That said, I’d rather clean my kids puke up than someone else’s any day.

So that was our Tuesday evening.

We had a slumber party in our living room with the garbage can and she was up a few more times.  To see this little body dry heaving when nothing else was left to come up made my heart sad.  It’s so hard seeing your children sick and uncomfortable.  Yet through it all this little girl was kind, sweet and still smiling; I have so much to learn from her.

I had forgotten what it was like to be up multiple times a night again; not sure I’m signing up for baby #3 anytime soon.

So Wednesday there was a lot of this:

photo 1
Thankful the girls love The Sound of Music as much as I do. If we had to watch another “Buddies” movie I might lose it.

And this:


And this:


photo (2)
You Tubing “Learn to Knit” to re-teach myself.

 And, since there was no more throwing up since the early Tuesday morning session we were slowing eating real food again.  Yay!

Today there’s been more of the same: movies, toys, books, and the below activity we did.  My oldest seems to be on the up and up and  my youngest is running around the house like a caged tiger . . . that’s always fun.   So far she seems to have escaped the yuckies but I feel like I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  How can she not get it?

We did this last year when they were sick and N. remembered and asked to do it again. So simple but so much fun!

Today we also  ventured out to the grocery store to get ingredients to make Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Noodle Soup, including homemade noodles.  I mean, why not? I’m home all day and aside from the random sore throat I got last night, I feel fine.

  My oldest still has the sick smell: do you know that smell? I remember my Mom telling us we, “smelled sick” when we had colds and I never understood it; after having kids I get it (that could be said about so many areas of life now). I can’t describe the smell but it is so obvious now and a fast way to know they aren’t feeling well.

So, here we will stay until that sick smells is gone and big sister seems to get back to 100%.


I’m baaack…

I’ve missed this and I want to be better at posting here in 2014. I had a dear friend share her new blog link  with me earlier this week and it made me want to get back on here. (Her mentioning she missed reading it also might have played some part in today’s post as well.)

So, I didn’t know what to post since I have’t posted in almost a year and, wow, how much has changed since then. We now have a 5 year old (some days going on about 13 1/2 and other days the sweetest little girl you’d ever meet) and 3 1/2 year old (still spunky, feisty and giving us a run for the money, but so much fun). But we are another year into being their parents and while some days I think we have it figured out there are other days that I wonder what the HELL I am doing and that I was CRAZY for leaving my job to stay home with these two little crazy people.  For the most part I really do love it. Today, was a day I was totally and completely overwhelmed with love as I watched these two little ones run down our driveway and close our gate and run back together – all by themselves. Doesn’t sound like a big deal to most, but to me it was a pretty big deal. They.didn’  They were beyond excited to do it by themselves and more importantly, together. They held hands for some of the walk down the driveway and chased each other for the rest and I just sat on our front porch and watched them.  I couldn’t help but project farther ahead in life: isn’t this what we want them to be able to do? Take on the world. Be brave. Try new things. And leave the safety of home with Mom on the porch and come running back proud of their accomplishments. Today it was a gate; tomorrow it’ll be something else.  Whoa.

Think that’s deep enough for today.

Anyways, I emailed them a little note about watching them shut the gate and what a sweet moment it was to watch (see my previous post about emailing the girls here)and then sent a note to my hubby thanking him for letting me be here to watch that moment and  he wrote back two sentences that put tears in my eyes: “Warmed my heart.  I know there is a reason why I am working.” Now, you need to understand everything about this — I have sent maybe two total notes to my husband like this over the last three years of being home. I’m embarrassed to admit that most days he gets home from work and I am still in workout clothes, probably haven’t showered, am tired, frustrated, and my patience is shot. It doesn’t mean I’m not grateful and thankful that I get to be home with my babies but it’s definitely not always at the top of my priority list to thank him. Today, it just needed to be said and I am really glad I did.

Stick around —  I hope there will be more posts about our adventures with our orchard, our cows, and of course our kiddos.

email to s.

I have email accounts for both girls that we use to send pictures, funny stories, quotes, or just a quick note to them. Someday we will share the emails with them and hopefully they will have a full email account with emails loaded with memories and stories as they grow. Today was no exception and I had to share what I just emailed to my dear S.

Dear S.,
Today I was thoroughly loving my morning yoga class at the gym. We were right into the flow of some harder poses when I saw the daycare employee step into the dark, quiet room. I think every Mom cringes when they see the employees step into a class; wondering who they are there for and hoping it’s not them because it means that their child has a diaper situation that needs to be addressed. We made eye contact and she nodded so I quietly made my way out of the yoga studio to grab my tennis shoes and make my way to the daycare where I leaned the gravity of the situation.
Apparently today you had a MASSIVE blow out poopy diaper, went down the slide followed by a few other kids and created a ginormous mess. Oh boy. I wasn’t quite sure what to do – apologize, help clean the slide, help clean other kids, or run out in embarrassment.
It was all over your legs, outside of your diaper, back of your dress and who knows where else. We went to the car to change your diaper and all I could do was laugh at the situation and laugh that of course I had no extra clothes to put you in. Quickly realizing that our gym time was coming to an end we headed inside so I could quietly sneak into yoga and reclaim my unused yoga mat and water. I mouthed thank you to my teacher who smiled and bowed her head and in turn mouthed “namaste.” Not entirely sure I was leaving in the state of peace and relaxation that I normally am but I had to smile and make the best of our morning. Since we were leaving the gym early this meant more time to run errands at Target and pick up a new dress for you to wear home. Always gotta look for that silver lining.

Namaste, S. 🙂

I love you (but am excited for the day you are potty trained).




Let the cliches begin, “I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by.” “Where did the time go?” ” Seems like just yesterday she was a baby.” And on and on. But, dang it, they are all so true. And next year (or the year after, we haven’t decided yet) I know I’ll be saying these all over again when she starts Kindergarten.

I really can’t  believe how fast it has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was holding this tiny, little dark eyed girl who I was so in love with from the minute they placed her in my arms.  She taught me about what it meant to be a Mom and how you could love someone so much from the second you met them. I had images of my Mom holding me as an infant and just like that, I.Got.It.

Where the heck did the time go? I mean if she’s almost four that means I am (gulp) four years older than when I had her, putting me almost over the big 3-0. Plus, I honestly don’t feel that much older. Yes, I have found my first few gray hairs (I blame our second child for those) and am shopping more and more for the anti-aging lotions but I don’t want to admit I look older yet. Is this how it will always be?

And, it really does seem like just yesterday she was a baby. I can remember so clearly our days at home when she was and infant and I was on maternity leave; we’d sit on the couch and she’d sleep in my arms as I read or enjoyed the guilty pleasures I had recorded on my DVR.  I can remember finding out I was pregnant again when she was only 10 months old and totally and completely freaking out and then feeling  guilty that she’d have to share our attention with a sibling. I remember her coming to meet her little sister and being so overwhelmed with love and fear that I didn’t know what to do.  And then there was just yesterday; shopping and lunch, just N. and me,  I sat and looked across the table at her and realized how big she has gotten and how ready she is for this next step and I couldn’t have been more proud. If I do anything right in my life it will be to raise two girls who are ready to take on this big world and do it with grace, confidence and respect.

So here we are: August 13, 2012 and she is starting preschool. Probably because we’ve watched Finding Nemo one to many times but as she raced down the hallway yelling, “First day of school! First day of School! First day of School!” I felt like Marlin, Nemo’s overprotective Dad, and wanted to hold onto her a little big longer. After breakfast and  plenty of pictures inside and outside in her special new first day of school outfit we were headed to school.

As we got to her little yellow school she walked to the door with such confidence, that I hope never leaves her, and opened it up without any hesitation. Since we had already found her cubby she took off her backpack (loaded with only a single folder – it was more an accessory than anything) and put it inside. Before I knew it she had already disappeared off to the dress-up/play kitchen section and she was fully engaged while I chatted with her teacher and got ready to make my departure.  After a big hug and kiss I was on my way out the door, as I was walking out her teacher said, “Good job, Mom. She’s ready; you did your job.”

Tears. Smiles. Happy. Proud.

So my dear N., I am so proud of you today and so excited for your new school adventure. I hope you are always this excited for school and that you will always have the same curiosity. Keep asking the many, many questions about what things are and how they work, be a friend and helpful to others, and leave things just a little better than the way you found them. You will move mountains!