being a cowgirl.

My adventures at learning to be a cowgirl continue and this weekend, sadly, wasn’t my best showing.

I had one job: Don’t let the cows back out of the field my husband was moving them into. We were to just sit by the gate in the Ranger and if a cow started to come through we were supposed to make sure they didn’t get all the way out. Seemed simply enough, right?

I’m embarrassed to say that thanks to my Instagram obsession, I failed.

In my attempt to post the following picture to my account a mama cow decided she wasn’t staying separated from her calf and slipped past our watchful eye.  I  noticed much too late, warned the girls to “hold on,” and took off trying my best to get that damn cow to go back where she was supposed to before hubby noticed.  Sadly, he noticed and like a knight on a white horse flew up on his four wheeler and expertly directed the heifer where she needed to go. I  then decided to hold off on my instagramming until we were all done and am happy to say that no other cows got by us.  In my defense, I was just trying to capture a picture of the crazy dust that was being stirred up by the four wheeler and cows running.  It looked like it should have been late summer by the amount of dust blowing around.  This drought situation is becoming much more real and scary as we are selling a large percentage of  our herd this week because we cannot afford to feed them hay through the summer.  There is rain in the forecast the next two days and although the percent is low we are hopeful that we will get some.





friday, friday.

Hello, Friday.

Even thought this was a short week it has felt like an extra long week to me. Probably because our house is still fighting a random cold/congestion that has settled into my chest and my youngest’s chest. Not fun. Finally today we went to her doctor just to make sure it wasn’t something more than a little cold that would work itself out and thankfully it’s not.  We need the rain.  We need it for more reasons then the obvious ones. We need to it to wash all these colds and bugs and viruses away. Does it work like that? I feel like it should.

I wanted to share my top 5 favorites this week:  these are things that have gotten me through this week, made me life a little easier, a little healthier, and just a little funner. Maybe you’ll think the same.

1.  Tone It Up: I live 45 minutes from a decent gym with child-care so it’s just not something that’s practical, affordable, or even convenient at this point. That said, I really enjoy working out and feel so much better when I’m doing it consistently.  Not having easy gym access means I have to get creative with working out at home.  I use videos (Insanity, P90X, Chalean Extreme all great options), the treadmill in our garage, or just the old fashioned way running or cycling outside.   Lately I have been following the Tone It Up weekly schedule and have been loving it! They post great workouts that I am able to save to my Kindle App on my ipad and can workout while catching up on my favorite t.v. shows (talk about a win, win situation!) I love their nutrition plan and the community of women are all super supportive and positive.  If you are needing some fitness inspiration check them out. I’m proud to say I’m a “Tone it Up Girl”!

2.  Pioneer Woman Applesauce Pancakes: These saved my life this week for breakfasts. I made a batch of these on Monday since were were all home together and everybody was feeling better.  Not only were they delicious but it made a HUGE batch and I was able to store them in the fridge and have an easy, fast breakfast for the girls’ breakfasts all week.  Nothing easier than being able to heat up a few pancakes in the microwave, drizzle with honey, slice a banana and have breakfast done.


3.  This goes along with #2 and making life easier.  This week I prepped a bunch of quinoa and cooked a bunch of chicken for healthy lunches and even a dinner this week.  Why don’t I do this more? It made lunches so fast and simple by just throwing the quinoa, chicken and whatever veggies I had on hand (frozen corn, carrots, & kale) in a pan heating up till warm and then drizzling with a little Lucero Lime Olive Oil and Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar. So good and so good for you! It makes it much easier for me to eat healthy when I know I have food ready in the fridge and when I know it’s not going to take very long to put it together. I tend to let myself get so hungry I can eat whatever is in sight, so to have fast, healthy options are important for me.  I need to do more of this and want to make this a habit as I know life is only going to get busier as my oldest is starting Kindergarten in the fall. Do you prep meals/snacks? I would love some suggestions!

4.  I found this idea for “Ways to Play” with printables for each month on Pinterest. I love this and it’s an easy place to look for something fun to do when we are home and needing to kill some time.  Yesterday we did the snow painting with flour/salt/water on cardboard  — my oldest was really into it; my youngest not so much.  I don’t naturally come up with cool parenting ideas like this so Pinterest is a life-saver for me.

5.  And lastly, I saw this video go across Facebook today and had to watch it a few times and laughed out loud. Watch it. You won’t regret it.

Now, it’s time to go catch up on Parenthood and get today’s workout done! Happy Friday!

email to s.

I have email accounts for both girls that we use to send pictures, funny stories, quotes, or just a quick note to them. Someday we will share the emails with them and hopefully they will have a full email account with emails loaded with memories and stories as they grow. Today was no exception and I had to share what I just emailed to my dear S.

Dear S.,
Today I was thoroughly loving my morning yoga class at the gym. We were right into the flow of some harder poses when I saw the daycare employee step into the dark, quiet room. I think every Mom cringes when they see the employees step into a class; wondering who they are there for and hoping it’s not them because it means that their child has a diaper situation that needs to be addressed. We made eye contact and she nodded so I quietly made my way out of the yoga studio to grab my tennis shoes and make my way to the daycare where I leaned the gravity of the situation.
Apparently today you had a MASSIVE blow out poopy diaper, went down the slide followed by a few other kids and created a ginormous mess. Oh boy. I wasn’t quite sure what to do – apologize, help clean the slide, help clean other kids, or run out in embarrassment.
It was all over your legs, outside of your diaper, back of your dress and who knows where else. We went to the car to change your diaper and all I could do was laugh at the situation and laugh that of course I had no extra clothes to put you in. Quickly realizing that our gym time was coming to an end we headed inside so I could quietly sneak into yoga and reclaim my unused yoga mat and water. I mouthed thank you to my teacher who smiled and bowed her head and in turn mouthed “namaste.” Not entirely sure I was leaving in the state of peace and relaxation that I normally am but I had to smile and make the best of our morning. Since we were leaving the gym early this meant more time to run errands at Target and pick up a new dress for you to wear home. Always gotta look for that silver lining.

Namaste, S. 🙂

I love you (but am excited for the day you are potty trained).



rite of passage.

Today was a big day to me. We had new bedroom furniture delivered and just like that we moved the last two hand-me-down-newly-married-leftover-from-college dressers that we had. As I looked around our house I saw the kitchen table that was our first married purchase together, then the couch and chair that replaced my Grandma’s old couches, then the t.v. stand and bookshelves that replaced the awful old t.v. stand, and so on. I know it’s all just stuff and stuff isn’t what matters,  but all this “stuff” has been the start of our life together and holds such memories.  There’s our table where we have all of our meals as a family, growing from a family of two to four. There’s our couches where we have cuddled and watched movies, napped with sleeping infants, and occasionally slept the night on. And there’s our t.v. stand that has been filled with books and pictures of our travels and family.  All of  this “stuff” holds memories for me, furniture or not.

Today was  big day to me; I sorta feel even more like a grown up (not quite, but sorta).